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Re: F7 Kernel - amazing statements

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I don't know of any Fedora application that works
with Fedora kernel 2.6.x.y-n
that does not work equally well with vanilla kernel 2.6.x.y .
That is what I mean by orthogonal.
There have been some examples in the past seen in bugzilla. These are
treated as bugs and fixed.

If an application does not work with a current vanilla kernel,
then in my view there is a bug in the application,
not the kernel.

Yep. It is still a bug that needs to be fixed.

That does not contradict what I said in any way.
It is the organization of Fedora that I am talking about,
not individual applications.
I repeat: in my view Fedora is becoming too complex,
and would benefit greatly from simplification and organization.

You got to be a lot more specific than that.

A "spaghetti-like development" is not a bug.
Examples of what I mean would be most audio and video aspects
of Fedora-7.
Also things like conflicting config generators,
as eg system-config-printer contrasted with the web interface to CUPS.

Nb This is not a serious criticism of Fedora,
simply a response to those who were arguing that I was wrong
in preferring to keep distribution and kernel orthogonal.

That is your choice assuming you are aware of the plus and minuses of doing that.


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