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Re: Remote X display from a minimal install - testing gui rpm package

David Timms wrote:
> I have installed a fairly minimal Fedora 7 machine ~150 rpms. I am
> trying to test a gui package I am working on. So, I have yum installed
> the test package on that machine.
> Following: http://www.linuxhowtos.org/Tips%20and%20Tricks/export_x.htm
> I login as testuser. I try to export the display:
> export DISPLAY=
> Then on a separate machine with X/gnome/testuser logged in etc, I, for
> now, disable the firewall, and set xhost +
> Then back on the minimal install machine I run xclock {or my app}.
> The result is the terminal session pauses for about 5-6 seconds, and
> then: Error: Can't open display:
> {with the firewall up the error is immediate}
> I think I might be needing some non-default X package {client?} on the
> minimal install, but what would that be - or am I doing something else
> wrong ?
> Thanks, DaveT.
If xclock runs, then it has all the libraries it needs. But unless
you made a typo, it is really strange that you set DISPLAY to and the error is about trying to connect to That is not even in the same subnet.

I strongly recommend using "ssh -Y" to tunnel the connection between
machines, as it is more secure. It also eleminates needing to run
xhost + and set DISPLAY. But if you are going to do it
this way, try running "xclock -display" and see what
that shows. If that works, we can then work on what is going wrong
when you try and set DISPLAY.


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