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RE: Can't import certificate due to end of file error

Yes and I have gone back and re-exported it every way from Sunday "DER Encoded Binary X.509", "Base64 Encoded X.509", etc....none of that worked. I also did the dos2unix thing but that did not fix it either. 

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On 8/10/07, Arch Willingham <arch tuparks com> wrote:
> We use certificates to protect part of our infrastructure. The certificate was exported to a small text file. With all of our Windows machines (even the Ipaq PDA devices), all I have to do is double click on the file and it gets imported. I have tried doing the same thing on my FC7 machines and an error pops up titled "Certificate listing failed - Kleopatra". It has an error that says "An error occurred while fetching the certificates from the backend: End of File". This hold true of any certificate I try to import that was created by one of our Windows servers.
> 1. I tired going into Kleopatra and importing it that way...I get the same error.
> 2. I tried opening it up with Open Office and saving it to a text file and then importing it into Kleopatra.....I get the same error.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Arch

I assume you have compared the text and that you have not found any
discrepancies. If that is correct try the dos2unix utility to truncate
the CRLF and replace CRTL-Z with CRTL-D.

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