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Re: what to restart after mgetty.config changes?

Don Russell wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Don Russell wrote:
>>> I'm playing around with mgetty and making changes to the
>>> /etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config file
>>> I find the only way to have the changes take effect is to "shutdown -r"
>>> the whole system.
>>> I thought an "init q" might do it.... but nope.... I can find plenty of
>>> information about mgetty.config via Google etc, but nothing on how to
>>> make the changes effective. :-(
>>> Is there a service I can restart so I don't have to reboot the whole
>>> system (which takes way too long: (due to clamAV stuff) -) )
>>> Thanks
>> Probably the easiest way would be to run "killall mgetty". The
>> problem is that you have not changed /etc/inittab, so init does not
>> restart mgetty, and mgetty does not know that its config file has
>> been changed. (You will have to double check the exact program name
>> mgetty is running under...)
>> Mikkel
> Thanks.... that sure beats rebooting the whole machine. :-)
> Then how will it get restarted again? I'm assuming that's what inittab
> takes care of.... from the next call on the ttyS1 device
> (That's sort of rhetorical... I'll just try it and see :-) )
Yes, init will restart it. This is what the respawn option in the
line in /etc/inittab that starts mgetty does. It also keeps tract of
how often it has to spawn (start) the program, and will generate an
error message and stop spawning the process if it happens too often.
This prevents a config file mistake from tieing up the system by
continually trying to start a broken process.


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