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Re: F6C800-UNV Belkin UPS?

On Saturday 11 August 2007, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Saturday 11 August 2007, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>> Tim wrote:
>>>> On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 15:46 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>>>> Bus 004 Device 015: ID 050d:0980 Belkin Components [F6C800-UNV Belkin
>>>>> UPS]
>>>>   ^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^
>>>> Of course it'd be nice if your UPS monitoring software just found it by
>>>> itself, or presented you with a list of candidates.
>>> It does not seem to do so, it being "nut," although I may have missed
>>> something?
>>> I initially tried the Belkin provided Linux software which looks as
>>> though it might be ok, it produces some pretty screens but it wont
>>> accept the password I was asked to enter and verify.  As a result I
>>> can't begin to configure it.
>>> I will continue the effort later, just had my morning coffee ...
>>> Thanks.
>>> Bob Goodwin
>> And when you do get it configured, it will turn into a cpu hog, virtually
>> killing the system if either gkrellm or its own gui ever query it.
>> I've tried to email them about it, but their replies always very carefully
>> talk about other things.  After 4 passes at making them understand that a
>> module compiled on a red hat 5.1 system was not about to work on a modern
>> system and being totally ignored, I asked the 5th time if I was trying to
>> teach pigs to sing, and switched to apcupsd.
>> I haven't had any power failures since, so I've NDI how it will react in
>> that case.  The original belkin sw would in fact issue a -wall broadcast
>> and shut things down gracefully, when it worked...
>> As far as configuration, apcupsd finds /dev/hiddev0 all by itself.  If you
>> have more than /dev/hiddevX, then it might need some guidance.
>That was good advice, I installed apcupsd and it immediately began to
>work.  Controlling the UPS is not something I want to spend a few days
>on so I'm quite happy with the result so far.  The configuration still
>needs some tweaking, I tried pulling the ac plug from the wall and it
>immediately initiated a shutdown which is not what I want but I suspect
>that can be fine tuned to give me a few minutes to save any work in
>And I wasn't able to find where to enter a "model" name, it just reports
>UPS when I do "status."  The big thing is that it worked right off
>without a lot of searching for a device file, etc.
>That and it shows the battery in a low state of charge?  It should be
>near fully chargedsince its been doing nothing but charging for more
>than a day but that may simply based on an assumption that it is
>charging while turned on with apcupsd running?  I'll wait and see if it
>comes up after a while.
>This is what I see for status, notice BCHARGE:
>service apcupsd start
>Starting UPS monitoring:                                   [  OK  ]
>[root box6 ~]# service apcupsd status
>apcupsd (pid 4166) is running...
>APC      : 001,024,0564
>DATE     : Sat Aug 11 10:56:25 EDT 2007
>HOSTNAME : box6
>RELEASE  : 3.14.1
>VERSION  : 3.14.1 (04 May 2007) redhat
>UPSNAME  : Nina
>CABLE    : USB Cable
>UPSMODE  : Stand Alone
>STARTTIME: Sat Aug 11 09:38:24 EDT 2007
>BCHARGE  : 000.1 Percent

That is indeed odd, and would explain why it issued the instant shutdown.
Here, its reported as
CABLE    : USB Cable
MODEL    : Belkin UPS
BCHARGE  : 100.0 Percent

>From dmesg:
[root coyote rulesdujour]# dmesg |grep hid
usbcore: registered new interface driver hiddev
usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid
drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: v2.6:USB HID core driver
usbhid 3-3.1:1.0: usb_probe_interface
usbhid 3-3.1:1.0: usb_probe_interface - got id
hiddev96: USB HID v1.11 Device [Belkin  Belkin UPS] on usb-0000:00:02.2-3.1


>I will remove the Belkin software.  I don't need the fancy Windows style
>Bob Goodwin

Cheers, Gene
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