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Re: Producing pdf files with copyable text

On 8/11/07, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
> In fact, cups-pdf does not produce pdf files with *copyable* text.

It is copyable here.  I'm using cups-pdf (F7 updated) and Adobe Reader 7.0.

I first tried your example provided earlier in this thread - I was
able to copy/paste the text from the resulting PDF.

Now that I've tried it a few more times, there are some formatting
issues here and there when using cups-pdf.

Two other methods;

1. Install this extension for FF:

Cons: you have to sign up for a third-party service
Pros: free (as in no money), easy to use, formatting is pretty good.

2. "Save As" from FF (format: Web page, complete).  Open the file in
Openoffice, export PDF.

Cons: formatting issues - extra white space added
Pros: truly free

Both additional methods work form me (as does cups-pdf) - producing
PDF files with copyable text.


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