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Re: fedora 7

Jerome Kan wrote:
> Hey for about a week and a half now ive been trying to fix this rather
> bothersome issue with windows, fedora 7, and my keyboard. I was having some
> issues installing fedora 7 earlier and now it has just bubbled into a larger
> problem. Ultimately my goal is to have a dual boot computer with windows and
> fedora 7 both installed and working in a situation where each is designated
> 60 gb of space and the remainder is just storage. Now initially I attempted
> to simply install fedora 7 on one of the other drives; however, this didn't
> work, still not sure exactly why. So wanting to install both on a specific
> drive I updated the bios and changed the primary boot drive. After this I
> wiped everything and tried to reinstall windows which went alright until the
> point where I had to create user accounts here my keyboard simply stopped
> working. It works everywhere else including but not limited to the bios,
> safemode, and dos. It does not work in regular windows when trying to log
> in, or when installing fedora 7. When I boot up with nothing installed it
> attempts to boot from the cd drive then says "GRUB". Any help at all would
> really be appreciated.
> P.s. ive tried other working keyboards and its not the keyboard. In addition
> im using a generic $5 keyboard that uses a ps/2 connection.
> p.s.s. im linux illiterate, (I was attempting to make the transition to
> linux)
Do you have legacy USB support enabled in your BIOS?


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