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Re: FC7 cannot play sound on ACER TravelMate 6291-100512

Yunus wrote:
Hi, I have just purchased an ACER TravelMate 6291-100512 laptop. I would
like to install dua OS (FC7+ WinXP SP2). I tried to install WinXP SP2
first. But WinXP SP2 could not detect my HDD because it missed SATA
driver. FC7 was my last hope. I installed FC7 but I encountered some
problems. One of the problems was failure in testing sound. Here are
some info from scsconfig.log I hope it will help you to identify the
The problem with the Intel HDA sound is that the chip can be
configured in many different ways. Some of the configurations the
driver knows about, and others it doesn't. If it does not know about
your configuration, it defaults to a basic configuration. You can
tell it to use a specific configuration in /etc/modprobe.com. For
example, in FC6, my Toshiba laptop works with
options snd-card-0 index=0 model=auto
but in F7 I have to use:
options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=ref

I need to play more, because it isn't entirely correct for my
configuration - the line control does something strange. But it does
work, while the without model=<something> in the options line, you
can not adjust the volume - you are missing one of the controls to
you need so the sound is too quiet.


Thank you for your hint. I will give it a try


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