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Re: FC7 cannot play sound on ACER TravelMate 6291-100512

Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 14:09 +0200, Nigel Henry wrote:
>> another point to do with the sound test, is that when you press the 
>> play sound button, you may or may not hear the sound even if the
>> soundcard is setup ok, because pretty much by default alsamixer has
>> sound muted to save your speakers and hearing 
> I thought the volume control on the test panel allowed you to overcome
> that?  I have to admit that I haven't had it come up in a muted mode, to
> start with, to have to deal with that situation, and know whether that
> would work.
The problem you can run into is that the volume control in the test
panel is only controlling one volume setting. You may need to adjust
more then one control before you can hear anything. This is
especially true with the Intel HDA chipset, because if the driver is
 using the wrong model, you may be adjusting the wrong control.
(There are different "models" using the exact same chipset, but
connecting things to different pins.)


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