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RE: fedora 7 - legacy USB?

Yeah ive been wondering that myself. I know the keyboard hasn't died cause
when I install windows the keyboard works in safemode and in the bios which
is really odd. In addition ive exhausted all my non-internet sources of
computer help linux, unix, or otherwise. Dunno if that helps?

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On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 21:08 -0400, Jerome Kan wrote:
> for an odd reason the ps/2 keyboard doesn't O_o im thinking
> of buying a usb keyboard just to see if that helps heh. 

I'm wondering whether you've simply got a stuck key on the board.  Of
course it's possible that your keyboard has spontaneously died at an odd
moment, but it's more likely to be the computer side of things.  PS/2
isn't good for handling being plugged and unplugged while powered.  I
can't see how installing an OS would stop a keyboard from working, even
more how it'd affect using that keyboard with another OS.

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