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Re: fedora 7 - legacy USB?

Claude Jones wrote:
On Mon August 13 2007, Jim Cornette wrote:
USB legacy simulates PS/2 functionality for outdated operating systems
like MS-DOS. USB keyboards would not otherwise work in that OS
otherwise. USB legacy, is not needed for more advanced OS versions.
Having it enabled could cause erratic behavior or blocking the proper
functionality of real PS/2 devices.

I don't know Jim. I don't doubt you may have experienced what you describe, but extrapolating one instance to a generalization may be too big a leap. I deal with a whole software firm's PC's; we have many machines of varying vintages, and I've never experienced what you describe...

Fortunately only My HP Pavilion laptop keyboard fails to work with USB legacy support enabled. I usually deal with non-Linux OS versions on work computers. None of them bombed with the feature enabled. It is most likely safe for most hardware. The USB support being enabled does cause problems in some cases. So the generalization probably should be in rare cases, USB support caused conflicts with Linux.

USB mice usually do not need legacy support in advanced OS versions because they do not rely on the BIOS
needing tricks to transmit to the operating system the USB device as a
simulated PS/2 device. Some systems use different terminologies
depending on the BIOS.

I would say my experience correlates with the above

Look around in your BIOS settings and see if you can find a USB legacy
or a setting with similar wording in BIOS.

I'm thinking of buying a usb keyboard just to see if that helps heh.
It might do the trick or just cost you money needlessly. If you are
comfortable with changing BIOS settings, give it a try beforehand.
Otherwise, the USB keyboard option would be a less risky chance.

Certainly won't hurt to try. Something is not making sense. I think Tim is right to suspect hardware issues -- Jerome, did you hot plug that PS2 keyboard of yours? Can you borrow another keyboard from somewhere before investing more money?
I agree, there are at least 4 PS/2 keyboards laying around the house. Someone he knows probably has an extra one he can swap with. But if he can enter safe mode in Windows with it, it probably i more likely BIOS settings set wrong or as suggested the Mouse PS/2 connector is being used instead of the Keyboard PS/2 connector. Though the connector is the same size, the voltages and signals are different coming out of the sockets.


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