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Problem with bind/named (DNS-Resolution not working) (RESOLVED, but needs more testing)


Since the last upgrade i habe lots of refused-messages for dns-queries. After struggling
hours und destroying my forwarding on the firewall too, i found this morning the
information within this link, which i think it should help:


They mention, that you have to set the allow-query-cache in the named.conf, which has
been enabled by default before (which is no longer the case)

Does this resolve the problem? Sorry, but for today, i have no possibility for testing.



so, this evening, i changed in the options-area of my named.conf the following:

allow-query-cache { net1/netmask; net2/netmask; };

net/netmask means as an example

and since then it works. But just to be sure, it is because of the change i made and
nothing else, i need more testing.

So i hope this helps also others which fiddle around with named.


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