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Xine and Kaffeine do not play DivX / XviD files in F7


After I upgraded to F7, Xine and Kaffeine no longer play divx and xdiv 
video files. I hear the audio, but the screen remains black. MPlayer 
and KPlayer (which is based on mplayer) play the same files 
correctly. Also, when I was running FC6, I used to play these videos 
using Xine / Kaffeine.
When I try to open a xvid or divx file in Xine, I get the message:
"The sequence 'path/name-of-the-file.avi' uses a non-supported codec:
Video Codec: XviD (XVID)."
"The sequence 'path/name-of-the-file.avi' uses a non-supported codec:
Video Codec: DivX 5 (DX50)."

How to solve this?

I have the following Xine packages installed:
[marcelo home-03 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep xine

Xine's codec directory is set up to be /usr/lib/codecs. I have the 
following files there:
[marcelo hogwarts ~]$ ls /usr/lib/codecs
acelpdec.ax          divx_c32.ax   l3codeca.acm    msscds32.ax                  
tvqdec.dll    vp6vfw.dll
alf2cd.acm           divxc32.dll   l3codecx.ax     msvidc32.dll                 
ubv263d+.ax   vp7vfw.dll
aslcodec_dshow.dll   divxdec.ax    LCMW2.dll       mvoiced.vwp                  
ubvmp4d.dll   vssh264core.dll
aslcodec_vfw.dll     divx.dll      LCodcCMP.dll    nsrt2432.acm                 
ultimo.dll    vssh264dec.dll
asusasv2.dll         dnet.so.6.0   LCODCCMW2E.dll  pclepim1.dll                 
VDODEC32.dll  vssh264.dll
asusasvd.dll         drv2.so.6.0   lhacm.acm       qdv.dll                      
vdowave.drv   vsshdsd.dll
ativcr2.dll          drv3.so.6.0   lsvxdec.dll     qpeg32.dll                   
vgpix32d.dll  vsslight.dll
atrac3.acm           drv4.so.6.0   m3jp2k32.dll    qtmlClient.dll               
vid_3ivX.xa   vsswlt.dll
atrc.so.6.0          drvc.so       m3jpeg32.dll    
QuickTimeEssentials.qtx      vid_cvid.xa   wma9dmod.dll
AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx  dspr.so.6.0   m3jpegdec.ax    
QuickTimeInternetExtras.qtx  vid_cyuv.xa   wmadmod.dll
avimszh.dll          huffyuv.dll   mcdvd_32.dll    QuickTime.qts                
vid_h261.xa   wmsdmod.dll
avizlib.dll          i263_32.drv   mcmjpg32.dll    README                       
vid_h263.xa   wmspdmod.dll
BeHereiVideo.qtx     iac25_32.ax   mi-sc4.acm      rt32dcmp.dll                 
vid_iv32.xa   wmv8ds32.ax
CLRVIDDC.DLL         iccvid.dll    mpg4c32.dll     scg726.acm                   
vid_iv41.xa   wmv9dmod.dll
clrviddd.dll         icmw_32.dll   mpg4ds32.ax     sipr.so.6.0                  
vid_iv50.xa   wmvadvd.dll
cook.so              imaadp32.acm  msadp32.acm     sp5x_32.dll                  
ViVD2.dll     wmvdmod.dll
cook.so.6.0          imc32.acm     msg711.acm      tm20dec.ax                   
vivog723.acm  wmvds32.ax
ctadp32.acm          ir32_32.dll   msgsm32.acm     tokf.so.6.0                  
vmnc.dll      wnvplay1.dll
CtWbJpg.DLL          ir41_32.dll   msh261.drv      tokr.so.6.0                  
voxmsdec.ax   wnvwinx.dll
ddnt.so.6.0          ir50_32.dll   msms001.vwp     tsccvid.dll                  
vp31vfw.dll   wvc1dmod.dll
DECVW_32.DLL         ivvideo.dll   msnaudio.acm    tsd32.dll                    
vp4vfw.dll    zmbv.dll
divxa32.acm          jp2avi.dll    msrle32.dll     tssoft32.acm                 

I also created symlinks in /usr/lib/win32 and /usr/local/lib/codecs 
pointing to /usr/lib/codecs, just in case.

Any help is appreciated



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