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Re: Raid one

Karl Larsen wrote:
I did a Goggle search and found Linux Journal, Home, RAID-1, Part 1 and 2 by Joe Malmin and Ron Shaker, 2002-08-13 and I have read it like a book once. It talks to the raid-1 being a superior way to back up your computer. I learned that raid mirrors partitions not hard drives. You can use any two hard drives or even the same hard drive! I plan to make a raid 1 using the two hard drives I have in this computer right now :-)

One is a 30 GB and this is a 160 GB but f7 is in a partition of 12 GB. So I can make a 12 GB partition on the 30 GB HD and make a raid 1 system between /dev/hda2 and /dev/hdb5.

The book says if /proc/mdstat exists, you have raid support in your kernel. I do :-)

The book set up raid 1 on Red Hat 7 and Debian Potato with the early kernels 8-)

It appears I can use the method shown to make a /usr raid 1. I have /usr backed up on my 9 GB USB device. But the author suggests you put a copy of /usr on /var/. We will use mkraid which I find I do not have. Perhaps I can yum it to my system. Perhaps there is a newer tool?

So like all writing it is dated and old just a couple of years later. Instaed of using #init 1 so that /usr can be un-mounted, I think using the rescue mode of the f7 dvd will be easier. Then f7 will be off :-)


I posted a message about converting a running Fedora 7 system from a single disk to a RAID-1 system on June 30th, I listed out the steps I followed. I did however use 2 identical disks. The subject of the message was "RAID gotchas!"


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