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Re: how to get a specfile from an RPM

Hale Boyes, Kevin  wrote:
> I can see the file when I query the SRPM but
> how do I extract the .spec file from the SRPM?

You could install the srpm.  Or you could use a tool like
rpmdev-extract (from rpmdevtools) to unpack the srpm.  Another
possibility is to use Midnight Commander or the Gnome Archive Manager
(file-roller) to unpack the srpm.

If you're looking to do this for Fedora rpms, it may be even easier to
use the CVS interface on the web to view the spec file.  For example,
to see the spec file for the F7 rpmdevtools package, go to:


You can look at the rpmdev-extract script if you want to learn how to
extract files from an rpm "by hand" -- it's just a shell script.

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