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Re: a querstion about Mplayer

On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 16:16 -0500, Scott wrote:
> I am helping my father to install mplayer and I am wondering how does
> he go about changing it so that mplayer is his default player and if
> mplayer won't play it then it goes back to totem? 

I don't think you can configure fall-backs.

You can right-click on particular file types, open the properties, and
set the default "open-with" application for that type of file.  Other
similar files will be opened with that application, by default.  So you
can set different files to be opened be opened by different

Even then, that's just the default.  You can still right-click files and
open them with something else.  Some will have a list of options (which
can be added to with the same properties box as above), or you can
choose something else, manually, each time.

Those are Gnome instructions, KDE probably works similarly, but I use it
to rarely to remember.

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