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Re: how to set up VM, or is there a freeware equivalent to Deep Freeze Software

Kam Leo wrote:
On 8/14/07, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com> wrote:
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If your friend needs to only restore a machine after each semester or
quarter use Norton Ghost or equivalent.
Let's make that week or day or class !

In fact I have heard of a system that auto reloads an image each midnight or so - I don't remember what that was.

Hopefully the friend is using the obvious things like: bios password, only boot HD, locking network access to specific mac address, etc, disabling auto-run of cd/usb, etc.

About the vmware notion: In the ms way, a powerful machine could be installed as a terminal server. Remove the hard disks from the student machines. Network boot the PC's to an linux LTSP server. Only one application would be available / installed: tsclient {Terminal Server Client}.

Install a master power switch that feeds all the student PC's. At the end of each class, ask the students to save their work {to their linux network drive}. Then cycle the power. Machines BIOS set to auto restart on mains application - in 3 minutes every machine has a spanking fresh image loaded. That can only connect to the terminal server {which is properly locked down}.

It might also be possible to config your storage file system to allowing save of only the document types that you actually need -


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