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Re: one more time -- broadcom wireless on f7

Ed Greshko wrote:
Timothy Murphy wrote:
John W. Linville wrote:

I disagree My Linksys WPC54GS worked under FC6 quit
working under Fedora 7 2.6.22. worked again using
2.6.22-33 broke again under 2.6.22-41. It seems that
the kernel releases are really not well tested.
I think that the modules carried with the kernel changes and you do not have a kernel problem but a module one. It has nothing to do with kernel testing.

The number and size of the modules to ship with a kernel is a big problem I suspect.

Bugzilla #?
While one obviously _should_ file a bugzilla in such a case,
is relying on bugzillas really a satisfactory strategy?

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different WiFi devices.
It seems to me that the onus is on the developer
to ensure as far as possible that changes he/she makes do not impinge
on devices working with the previous version.

I'm not sure if "testing" is really the best, or even a feasible,
way of doing this.
Perhaps the developer should ask himself, "Is it conceivable
that this change may not work with some device somewhere in the universe?"

The answer to that question is, and will always be, "Yes".

I must say, it's not really clear to me
why something like WiFi should actually change
between Fedora kernels corresponding to the same vanilla kernel.
Is the Fedora community regarded as a test-bed for such development?


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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