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Help with Evolution - no global address book

Hi List;

I'm hoping someone can help with this.  I'm running evolution at a new client 
site to connect to exchange. (I've changed all instances of my actual 
username to 'myusername' and all instances of the clients domain to 'domain' 
in the data presented below)

I have the following settings:

username:  DOMAIN\myusername
OWA URL: https://owa.domain.com

With these settings I can pull my mail with no issues, however I cannot access 
the global address book. I've entered the "Global Catalog Server Name" as the 
name of the exchange server:   domainex-1.city.domain.com

With this setting if I go to 'Contacts --> Global Address List' I get this 

Error loading addressbook.

We were  unable to open this addressbook.
This either means you have entered an
incorrect URI, or the server is unreachable

I can ping the server.

If I start from the command line I get this at startup time:

$ evolution
CalDAV Eplugin starting up ...

(evolution:14554): e-data-server-ui-WARNING **: Key file does not have 
key 'exchange:__myusername;auth_NTLM owa domain com_'
evolution-shell-Message: Killing old version of evolution-data-server...
** (evolution:14641): DEBUG: mailto URL command: evolution --component=mail %s
** (evolution:14641): DEBUG: mailto URL program: evolution

** (evolution:14641): WARNING **: LDAP authentication failed (0xffffffff)

When I click on the Global Address book I see this at the command line:

(evolution:14641): eab-widgets-WARNING **: EABView at present does not support 
multiple writes on the "source" property.

Thanks in advance

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