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Re: Quota / Diskless Workstation?

David Frascone wrote:
Ok -- this is not really distribution specific, but I figure you guys may
know the answer :)

I have a couple of diskless machines that I boot off of one server.  Today,
one of them mis-behaved, and dropped a huge log file, filling my server's

I want to prevent this in the future.  So, I'm looking for suggestions.

I immediately thought of quotas, but, since the filesystems aren't owned by
one user (they're full unix filesystems), that wouldn't work well.

I'm now trying to decide if it would be best to create a filesystem in a
file, mount that, and share that over NFS for the root.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tftpboot/disk1.img count=whatever bs=whatever
mkfs -t ext3 /tftpboot/disk1.img
mount -o loop /tftpboot/disk1.img /tftpboot/disk1.mnt
cp -a /tftpboot/oldDiskRoot/* /tftpboot/disk1.mnt

then share /tftpboot/disk1.mnt, instead of /tftpboot/OlddiskRoot

Any other suggestions?

If the server can handle it, boot the diskless machines as thin terminals with the ltsp package and run the desktop on the server.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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