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Re: Alternative booting

David Krings wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
David Krings wrote:

OK, two things: I did not change any BIOS mapping or drive or boot sequence. I install F7, GRUB installs fine, GRUB boots fine, I install updates => GRUB is broken beyond repair.

How is it failing?  It may be that your update kernel is just in
a location your bios can't load. This used to be common in old bios versions that couldn't go past 1024 cylinders and is probably possible again with more exotic drive configurations.

It stops at the grub> prompt. And the board is brand new and not out for that long that I'd call it old. I also don't consider a SATA RAID on an nVidia controller as exotic. Those things are on tons of mobos from at least a dozen vendors.

I did remove drives in order to get F7 to install at all and yes, I added those drives on later, BUT even after doing that GRUB booted fine. It is just that after updating the system the whole shebang comes apart for no good reason. GRUB just ought to continue booting from the same drive and same partition it booted from before...and it just doesn't do that.

Also, I do not have plain simple IDE drives, but a RAID array on the nVidia SATA controller that I want to use to boot from. In that case, when I specify a hdx device it will write the boot loader to only one of the drives of the mirror array, which doesn't do any good.

If bios sees the drives as separate things, then that's how you have to install grub, since it has to call bios to load the kernel. On a real hardware raid, bios will only see the array.

BIOS sees them as one drive. A working F7 sees them as two drives and as one under the /mapper dir. I could see this to be a BIOS problem if nothing loads, but GRUB does load at least so far as that it gets to the grub> prompt. So it is not that BIOS is confused. It is purely a GRUB issue.


Exactly. I am going to see if it is a kernel problem. Grub really did work on FC6 and that might have been because it has a different kernel. I have the last good old kernel still bootable on this f7 and will try it later.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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