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Re: Bios freaks

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 16:49 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
I have heard about enough about what my 1994 bios might or might not be doing to Grub. I WAS surprised when the bios showed correct that I do have two hard drives, one a Master the other a Slave and both having 160GB written just like that in the bios. It is old but it is working fine. You want to blame the problems we are having on our bios.

    My FC6 where grub still works fine is using the exact same bios! 8-)

But maybe in the FC6 installation, your grub and kernel are in a place
on the disk where they can be read by the BIOS, and in your F7
installation, they're not.
You've got the exact same BIOS and the exact same GRUB in FC6 and F7.
Several people have pointed out a potential issue that you might arise
in those conditions that you haven't controlled for.  Why not do the
obvious experiment and prove them wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt.
That'll shut 'em up.

if the BIOS is the problem where it can't read past a certain point of the disk at boot time. Couldn't you simply create a /boot partition and put it in an area that the BIOS can handle? the beginning of the disk (?)??

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