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Re: Moving boot

on 8/20/2007 12:55 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>    I'm not going to answer Les because he keeps changing the message to 
>> other topics that have nothing to do with this one. The subject is that 
>> I have a setup right now on my computer that is IMPOSSIBLE if, the rules 
>> for BIOS being thrown around are even close to being correct. I think 
>> they are at best too old or just wrong.
> There's more than one rule depending on the age and version of your bios 
> and possibly the jumpers on your disk.  There is a simple way to satisfy 
> all of the rules if you are unwilling to figure out which one you are 
> violating.
>>    I have right now grub on the MBR of the Master Hard Drive which is 
>> (hd0) and the /boot/grub/ that the grub directs BIOS to find is on the 
>> second Hard Drive at /dev/sdb6/ which is (hd1,5) in Grub talk. I checked 
>> and /boot/grub/ is at least 7,000 cylinders up the second hard drive ;-)
>>    So my point to Les and all of you is that BIOS works a whole lot 
>> better than everyone seems to think.
> Current versions of bios have no problem with current drives.
>> It goes all the way to the second 
>> hard drive from the first, and then 7,000 cylinders more and starts my 
>> system. Every time for years 8-)
> Except when it didn't, and gave that message about exceeding a bios 
> limit.  Time to explain that...

You are wasting your breath, err... electrons, here Les. Have been for
days. But you are right about this, as have been several others.

I can't wait for the multi-threads when the new computer arrives.  ;-)



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