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Re: Fedora 7 keeps locking up

Karl wrote:
Sorry I can't help with a SiS chipset. But it might be the problem if the other computers are using Intel motherboards. I went to the SiS web page and this was first:


* *
We only manufacture chipsets for Mainboards/VGA cards, but do not assemble boards or cards for retail use. Retail board and card manufacturers often customize SiS chipsets' hardware and software to suit their particular system or configuration, so drivers on this site may not work for your particular system. Your manufacturer is the best source of information for product information and support. We suggest you obtain technical assistance from your board or card manufacturer first before installing SiS drivers.

SiS does not guarantee the proper functionality of these drivers on your customized systems and we assume no responsibility for any problems occur upon the installation of SiS drivers.

This makes me really wonder about SiS. It could be the root cause of your trouble.
ASUS is pretty much responsible for problems with their boards. Just try and convince them!! I have 12 ASUS boards registered with them and all I get is nonsense from their tech support. Mention Linux and support is nonexistent. So much for VIP Membership.



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