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Re: bash cli

> > Oh dear, I've forgotten what the bash cli is to see the output of a
> > command line input (it dumps  result to screen). Pretty much the same
> > bash functionality as Ctrl-R gives one a rolling history of entered
> > commands.
> >
> > Could someone please remind me :-)
> ----
> question not clear...default of cli commands in bash shell would output
> standard out and error out to screen so this should be the default
> behavior.

Thanks Craig :-)

Yes, it's difficult to describe, and that's prolly why I've struggled
to Google it. If one completed a bash script with 'exit 0' and all ran
well, nothing (or null) is sent to stdout. If a script passes a
variable on to another executable, this is may not necessarily be sent
to stdout, but there is something one can pass at cli time that does
copy this/these var(s) to stdout to see what same script produces.

I hope this makes sense :-)



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