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Re: CUPS problem

PerAntonRønning wrote:
> Hi Andy
> a minor extract of the error_log shows this:
> I [22/Aug/2007:12:42:00 +0200] Full reload is required.
> I [22/Aug/2007:12:42:00 +0200] Loaded MIME database from '/etc/cups': 33
> types, 38 filters...
> I [22/Aug/2007:12:42:01 +0200] Loading job cache file
> "/var/cache/cups/job.cache"...
> I [22/Aug/2007:12:42:01 +0200] Full reload complete.
> I [22/Aug/2007:12:42:01 +0200] Listening to on fd 0...
> E [22/Aug/2007:12:42:01 +0200] Unable to set ACLs on root certificate
> "/var/run/cups/certs/0" - Operation not supported
> It seems to listen to, which should be lo. The last
> message tough "operation not supported" does not explain itself, at
> least not to me.
> ps -Af | grep cupsd shows that the daemon is up and running.
> So I'm scratching my head a bit on this.
> Brgs
The "operation not supported" is an indication that selinux is not
enabled. So CUPS could not set the Access Control List values. This
will not stop CUPS from running. The "Listening to"
says that the CUPS web interface is only available to the local
machine, on port 631. You can not connect to it from another machine
on the network. (This does not affect connecting to printers on your
machine - that is another setting.)


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