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Re: bash cli

> First, what you call a "cli" appears to be a command.

He undoubtedly uses cli for Command Line Interface, in other words
commands in a terminal window.


I re-read your first few postings and I thought I understood what you
are looking for but still not certain.  I understand that you want to
go back and see the output of commands that ran in a script much like
the history stack to see previously executed commands (which by the
way for the benefit of some who seem to be confused, does not get
populated by commands within a bash shell, only the shell command
itself populates the history).

So if your script did an ifconfig followed by a httpd restart, then a
lsof command, you want to be able to call back the output of those
commands as they were produced when they ran?  I know the script
command will allow you to output commands and their output to a file.
And certainly a redirect (either of the entire script at execution, or
of individual commands within the script) will do that (or the tee as
was suggested if you want both STDOUT and redirect to a file).  But
I'm under the impression that this is something that you've seen done
before simply through a keyboard shortcut that calls the STDOUT stack
which you can then scroll through, which differs from what I and
others have suggested to date.

Is that correct?

Jacques B.

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