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Re: F7 is working fine

PerAntonRønning wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
On Thursday 23 August 2007 18:12, PerAntonRønning wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
   I had trouble getting to F7. I really didn't want to but it seemed
the timing was right for it. After over 200 updates F7 is good working
Linux. The first thing a new user needs to do is remove Totem and get
the VLC media player. It has worked just fine through all the 200
upgrades and plays anything from mp3 to .wav to DVD movies. It does it
all. I get things from friends with Windows. VLC never fails to play

   There is still some minor things broken but they might be due to MY
hardware which is old. New computer is scheduled to be delivered today
by UPS but they deliver very late, like 10:30 PM local. Then I will
see if the new motherboard and SATA hard drives fix the problems.

   A friend just loaded F7 again after getting the 200 updates and he
says it is nothing like it was 3 months ago.
Sounds good. But where is it? I have been looking around for a FC 7 iso
DVD, but all sites stop at /6 and then they list /development - is this
fc7? Is the iso DVD hidden within the .bittorrent, which I am absolutely
new to? I've never used bittorrent,  I have never needed to. As I
understand I have to download a torrent client, as a search tool(?) - is that up the same alley as FTP? Pardon my ignorance, but i have lots to do and I must operate on a need to know basis. How do I extract the contents of a torrent file, is that something the torrent client program takes care


You can get it from here:

I believe there are respins available for F7, which should have most updates included, but don't know the URL for those.

I downloaded BitTorrent (rpm) for direct install, but it failed due to dependencies. It needed some newer Python elements than I have at present. But no worries, I finally found a FC 7 iso DVD and it is downloading now as we speak. It is huge, so it will take a while.


Hi PAR, I think with my DSL "high speed?" Internet it took almost 48 hours to get the F7 DVD. I have wanted to dabble in 64 bit F7 but the thought of d/l that has stopped me. I may just buy it or have a friend Rod get it with his 6 Gb/sec Internet. The cable Internet here in Las Cruces NM is very fast.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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