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Re: converting audio streams

Mark Haney wrote:
Don Russell wrote:
I'm looking for an app to convert an audio stream from one format (i.e.
media player/flash/etc) to wav....

I can find many that convert files.... but I want to convert a
continuous stream and produce the equivalent stream in a different

Any suggestions?


What kind of streams? I use streamripper and it works really well, but
I'm not sure that's what you are looking for.

Thanks... what I'm actually looking into is being able to "tune in" a local radio station via URL.... many stations already provide their audio this way, but one station in particular seem to only have a web interface and require something like mediaplayer etc.

The station web site is http://www.101kgb.com (San Diego California USA)

The URL to get the streaming audio is:

Which displays a nice little window with an ad, a few seconds later the url changes to:

What I'd like to try is writing some code for a device I have (ref http://slimdevices.com) that can nicely handle wav streams.... I thought if I could write some code to act as an http client as above, and produce a wav stream, then my "slimdevice" could play that station too.

Right now, I've just started the investigative process... seems like a fun project, which might (should) have more widespread use than a single radio station too.

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