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Re: converting audio streams

On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 10:33 -0700, Don Russell wrote:
> I'm looking for an app to convert an audio stream from one format
> (i.e. media player/flash/etc) to wav....
> I can find many that convert files.... but I want to convert a 
> continuous stream and produce the equivalent stream in a different
> format...
> Any suggestions? 

Mplayer can receive some stream formats, and can dump it to disc.  You
can post-process that dumped stream into another format.  You can even
*try* doing it while the stream is coming in.  But that might depend on
your encoder.

VLC has some re-encoding features, but I've never mastered it.  I've got
it to work in the past, but not since.

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