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Re: MBR gone and rescue disc not happy - HELP!!!!

get rid of grubby brug
that load of shit gave me more grief then whats its worth
the first thing I do in rpm -e grub and install lilo from source

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Paul F. Johnson wrote:


No changes to the drives, BIOS or anything like that. Did an update via yum (I
think it was on Saturday), reset and nothing - failed to boot completely.

GRUB and a hang implies it is choking very early indeed. The MBR is
ok because it said GRUB, but after that its a bit suspect and it
seems its not finding the the right blocks for GRUB (or something
the BIOS config order - eg a USB bootable device - one box here fails
much the way you describe if I accidentally leave a USB key in it during

I've disconnected everything except the main HD and the video card. No other
cards or drives are in the box. I get the same result. I'll try killing USB next.

The fsck result is hopeful - but did you just get an immediate
"clean" return from ext3 or did you force a full check ? (-f option) ?

Did it with -f and it was clean.

"It does complain that some of the points have not been mounted due
to a problem"

Actual exact message text is good, thats why error handlers don't
just all print "It broke"

The error is along the lines of some of the devices have failed to mount. I'm
assuming that when the rescue disc boots, it reads the fstab on the drive it's
trying to mount and use them. The only one which looks like it's failed to
mount is /dev/hda1 which is where the /boot directory is.


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