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Re: How to configure sshfs ?

Paul Johnson wrote:
I just learned that fuse-ssh allows one to mount drives via ssh. How
cool!  As root, it works fine.

When regular users try it, it fails because they don't have permission
to /dev/fuse.

One option is to add users one by one to the fuse group in /etc/group.
 But I don't have time to do that, and there are hundreds of users.

Can you tell me a way to allow all users who sit at the console to use
sshfs mounts?  I tried to add the group user to the group fuse, but
got plenty of errors with that one.  Maybe there is some hal or udev
thing you can tell me to do?

man sudo

Setup up sudo (using visudo) so that the user had permission to
use the commands.

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