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RE: New Computer

I haven't seen all the 'msgs' in a given karl thread, but the ones I have
seen tend to be from someone who's trying to get a better understanding of
how things work....

So, exactly what is the issue????

If you don't want to look at a given msg, the delete key does work pretty
well... and if you really think you're getting into a situation where your
email is just getting too damn swamped with 'garbage'/useless emails.. you
can always outsource to someone and have them filter your email!!!


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Karl Larsen wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> Richard England wrote:
>>> That approach has been tried, Robert.  It didn't "take".   I believe
>>> this IS the blog, now.
>> Karl blogs to /dev/null on my system.  It seems to be working out
>> quite well. :)
>> (If only I could be bothered to whip up a procmail recipe to also drop
>> any thread started by his blog software^W^Wemail program to /dev/null
>> as well.  So far, I haven't taken the time to do that.)
>    If you can't find an automatic way to kill my messages I suggest you
> find the delete key and use it.

Actually Karl, the problem is not deleting your messages. The problem is
deleting the threads (initiated by your mails), with all the noise that
they generate, automatically :-)

Wonder what the Thunderbird folks should do?

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