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Re: How do i auto sign rpm's with rpmbuild?

RavenOak wrote:
> Use 'keychain' (RPM available through default repo, just install
> using yum).  You can have it manage both ssh and gpg keys.  However,
> the GPG Agent (which is really what you are using, keychain is a
> very elaborate wrapper around it that actually does add some value)
> has a short default time-out (like 30min or so...) you can do a man
> `gpg-agent` to learn more.

I think that by default at least, rpm will still prompt you for the
passphrase.  I just tested it on my system and with the passphrase
saved in gpg-agent, running rpm --addsign still prompts.  Does that
not happen for you?  If not, have you set anything specific in
~/.rpmmacros to get rpm to use the gpg-agent?

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