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RE: New Computer

hey mauriat...

i'll say the same things i've said for over 25 years...

if you really want to be on a list where you can control the content listed
by various users... start your own moderated list. there's no reason why you
can't have 10 million fedora email lists!!

however, given that you have a public list, then yeah, you're going to get
posts that you might not think should be on the 'list'...

i'm sure we've all seen msgs that we might have felt shouldn't be on the
given list that we're looking at... we deal with it, use the delete key..
and keep cruising.

it works!

or one can continue to bitch, and hope the person changes to meet your


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On 8/27/07, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
> ed... and the rest of the guys...
> i for one don't have an issue with karl, or his posts... i imagine a
number of others don't either. this is a public forum isn't it. it's not
moderated/private, so i imagine there are quite a few people of varying
ages/levels of expertise.. some will get something out of what he has to
say.. others won't.
> but as you suggested. if you get tired of seeing msgs from someone, there
are a multitude of ways to resolve the issue.. and i've found the delete key
also still works!!
> peace!

Please do not top post.

So does a "public forum" imply anything goes?
Should a mailing list named 'fedora-list' be for Fedora related topics?
Would it be better that everyone explains how many beeps their new
power supply makes? Or how shiny the new glass is on the case? -- What
could anyone get out of that?

This type of "commentary" does not scale on such a mailing list. As
much as I dislike the harshness and attitudes by some people, I do
agree that is it not unwarranted.

Mailing lists for a *specific* topic only work when their members
abide by certain guidelines.


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