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Re: How to configure sshfs ?

>> Scripting to automate changing membership?  You'd probably, also, want
>> to script the user-adding routine for the future, to add new users to
>> the groups you use on your system.

Paul Johnson:
> You are making this way too hard.  Even if I could figure it out, I
> could never teach a part time lab assistant.


e.g. usermod -a -G fuse pauljohnson

-a (append)
-G (list supplementary groups to belong to, e.g. fuse)

It's not very hard.  It's just one of those things you do when using a
computer.  No worse than learning to type your name and password
correctly when you log in.  It's all part of configuring a system.

If you can't figure out how to automate that, I'm sure someone could
tell you how to feed a list of names to it so they're all processed.
The only hard part is going to be preparing that list of names, in the
first place.  Though, that shouldn't be very hard if you intend adding
all users to the group.  For Linux, that's every name in the /etc/passwd
file (the first word) with a user id greater than 499 (the third
parameter in the file).

But you probably already have a list of users, somewhere, for when you
originally created all the user accounts.  Use that again.

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