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Re: New Computer

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:

> Technomage-hawke wrote:

> > someone PLEASE just end it for the sakes of all our sanity.
> "Someone" can't, "Everyone" needs to be onboard.  But, worry not,
> this thread will eventually die as others have.

sadly, though, it will start up again as it always does when someone
insists that it is his inalienable right to post constant off-topic
drivel, or post in HTML, or top post, or what have you.

but it's not even those posters that are the biggest annoyance.  it's
the inane do-gooders who inevitably leap to his/her defense, along the
lines of, "hey, man, chill out, he's just doin' his own thing, can't
we all be cool and tolerant and just get along, ya know?"  it's
*those* people that really gripe my wagger since they're not helping
the situation, they're just making it worse.  as ed writes above,
"everyone" needs to be on-board to nip this sort of thing in the bud,
but that small collection of misguided altruists is always enough to
validate the original culprit to keep doing what he's doing.

and as for the deluded posters who suggest that, if we really want to
be such mailing list nazis, we should start our own list somewhere,
here's a thought -- *we* were here first, and we're the ones who, over
time, established some useful etiquette to keep the signal up and the
noise down.  if you don't like the etiquette, i suggest that it's
*you* folks who should take your ball elsewhere and start your own
lists, where you can ignore basic etiquette, and post in HTML or top
post or ramble on about fedora or britney spears or global warming or
your new computer to your heart's content and leave the rest of us to
act like the adults.

and, finally, at the risk of repeating myself, most of this problem
would go away if red hat's mailing list administrator would just
publish a short list of rules for RH-related mailing lists, along the
lines of:

1) don't post in HTML
2) don't top post
3) try to stay relatively on-topic, with posts related to fedora
4) ... etc etc ...

this would be useful since, if memory serves, an annoying number of
people who have violated basic ML etiquette like to counter complaints
with, "yeah?  well, where does it *say* i shouldn't top post?  huh?
where does it *say* that?  i don't see anywhere where it *says* that."
so maybe if it actually *said* that somewhere, we'd make some

it's just a thought.


p.s.  karl:  does it not mean *anything* to you that so many people
are criticizing your posting habits?  seriously, how much of a total
cementhead do you have to be to not twig to the idea that, given the
growing and public annoyance with your behaviour, that *you* are the
problem here?

Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA


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