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Re: New Computer

A simple SpamAssassin rule pair that looks for k5di case insensitive in
the header or body would turn the trick.

header    __H_K5DI    From=~/\bk5di\b/i
body      __B_K5DI    /\bk5di\b/i
meta      M_K5DI      (__H_K5DI || __B_K5DI)
describe  M_K5DI      Describe K5DI as you see him
score     M_K5DI      20

(Or simply build a blacklist rule for him. That's easier. But the rules
above were more fun as a code riff.)

DJ's 10,000 messages a day - implies he needs to get a life. But if he
is sane and runs SpamAssassin building a new rule as the above is simple.
Of course, in reality I'd build the even simpler rule in procmail and
never see him again -> /dev/null. But that would not get rid of the
REST of you noisemakers.

{^_-}   Karl is a noisemaker. But so are those who don't simply ignore
       him until he goes away.
----- Original Message ----- From: "bruce" <bedouglas earthlink net>
Sent: Tuesday, 2007, August 28 16:04
Subject: RE: New Computer

and i simply say, that if you really want a locked down environment for only
emails that you, and your friends/peers feel are appropriate.. then you
should create a moderated list of your own... you'd have complete, and utter
mastery over what could be submited/posted...

but i don't believe the list needs you, or anyone else as it's police..
every so often people tend to pop up, and want to police the list in their
image... top/side/bottom posting routinely gets this kind of conversation...


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From: fedora-list-bounces redhat com
[mailto:fedora-list-bounces redhat com]On Behalf Of DJ Delorie
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: New Computer

"bruce" <bedouglas earthlink net> writes:

to all you guys who want karl's comments somewhere else.. why don't
you offer to set up a blog for him, if you feel that might be a good
solution for him..

If my kids do something wrong, I make sure they understand that it's
their fault, and it's up to them to make it right.  Same for Karl.  If
what he's doing is wrong, it's HIS responsibility to make it right.
Not you, not me.  Why should we be punished for his bad behavior?

personally.. i have no issue with deleting emails i don't need/have
a use for...

Are you willing to filter out off-topic mails for the rest of us?

or perhaps you can come up with some kind of voting mechanism that's
tied to the email list.... so if a thread/user is not adhering to
what the list believes should be 'good' behavior.. the voting
mechanism could minimize the posts..

It's not about voting, it's about the list charter.  This is the
Fedora list.  Posts that aren't about Fedora are not appropriate here.
Posting such emails to this list is wrong, no matter how much some of
us (myself not included) say "it's ok".

And being a "regular" here doesn't give you the right to post whatever
you feel like posting.  *Each* post needs to be on-topic for this

or, simply use the delete/filters!

So, if someone wants to keep stealing my television, I should just
keep buying new ones?

I get tens of thousands of emails a day.  My filtering system is
already complex enough that adding more is not a feasible option,
especially when it's so difficult to tell, programatically, what's

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