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Re: Re-doing F7

Tim wrote:
I haven't checked on the status of FC7, but prior releases have very
quickly ended up with over a gig of updates, sometimes just a few days
after release, it seems.  More than could fit on a CD-ROM.
Karl Larsen:
It would have to be done in a smart way. Delete from the list all the kernel updates but the last for example.

That example wasn't a gig of files including three versions of the same
thing, etc.  It was how much was downloaded to update one system.  And
that wasn't a system with everything installed, it had not much more
than the basic install.

Hi Tim I am yumming Punji and will do a lot of reading. My slow DSL modem is not good but once I get /etc/pungi.conf proper I can make a new .iso of this version of (respin of) F7. The yum of punji brought along a lot of dependants.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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