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Re: emacs resize hangs F7!

On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 19:07 +0200, William Murray wrote:
Hello all,
        I amusing emacs on an up-to-date F7 box (emacs-22.1-1.fc7).
If I attempt to resize the window by dragging the border the input
freezes for minutes. I can move the mouse and watch my system monitor
colours scrolling, but cannot click on anything or type.
Sometimes it recovers, sometimes I press control-alt-backspace to
restart X. I don't see anything in the log.

  Also, maybe related but far less reproducible, very similar behaviour
sometimes occurs when I switch workspace if I have a lot of windows
open. In that case the display is clearly wrong, 
   Does anyone know anything about this?

Is it only emacs (sounds like it)?  If it is then check into your .emacs config file for something that looks out-of-place.  Perhaps rename .emacs to something else and start emacs to see what happens.  Sounds like X is blocking.

Can you hit <Ctrl><Alt><F1> and get to a console login while it's unresponsive (<Ctrl><Alt><F7> to get back, BTW)?  I had a screensaver issue a few years ago where the screen would sometimes be split with the top edge actually drawn across the center of the monitor.

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