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Re: Re-doing F7

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, Tim wrote:

That example wasn't a gig of files including three versions of the same
thing, etc.  It was how much was downloaded to update one system.  And
that wasn't a system with everything installed, it had not much more
than the basic install.

Ian Malone:
The point is that you produce a DVD (since F7 is a DVD)
with the current RPMs from Updates were they supersede
those in Release.  A Fedora 7.1 if you will.

The original poster mentioned CD, so that's what I went with.  The point
I was making that getting all the updates, is an awful lot of files.
It's less work to just get what you need.

Anyway, this adds another complication:  Your update disc is out-of-date
rather rapidly.  I'd only take this approach if you were going to update
a collection of non-networked computers, that you only bothered to
update fairly infrequently.

Or something on a very slow data connection. I can just imagine how long it would take to get the complete set of F7 updates on dialup. Even if it was a bit stale, it makes for less to download.

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