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Re: SELinux survey (was RE: Stupid F7 boot loop)

Tim wrote:

    Once about Fedora Core 4 I noticed Selinux was there and I turned
it on. I began to have odd problems. Things stopped working. I
discovered how to turn it off and all problems stopped.

    Since then I always turn it off during installation. Right after I
refuse to give Grub a password :-)

This is really akin to:  Yesterday I found it very hard to unlock my
front door with the key, so now I never lock the door.

No, it's more like saying: I booby-trapped my front door with explosives but had some problems and don't do that any more.

Don't forget that Linux has good, easily understood security mechanisms inherited from its unix model that are only slightly undermined by languages and libraries that encourage going beyond array boundaries and compilers that create predictable stack boundaries with writable and executable memory nearby. If you pay attention to the obvious issues you shouldn't need the explosives.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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