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Re: twinview with nvidia FX 5200

> Going back over the link.... 

I found this with google and added it to the Monitor section:

    Horizsync	31-80
    Vertrefresh	60-75

It looked like it was going to work great. I could see the proper
displays on both monitor and TV while it showed the graphical display of
starting stuff. As soon as the scroll bar got to the end and X should
come up, the system locked up. I also did not have any control over the
mouse during that time to hit "Show Details". 

>From the links you sent I added this kernel parameter:

Now it gets all the way into X and everything looks good. Only lingering
problem is the mouse still doesn't work, but it's not a huge problem.
The system is for mythtv and the remote and keyboard work fine. Plus the
mouse works over VNC so I'm way ahead of where I was. 

If you have any ideas on the mouse I'm all ears, otherwise thank you for
all the help!


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