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Re: dd problems.

Andrew Parker wrote:
On 8/30/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
    The last boot I had the COPY! of this F7 running it appears. All the
new mail went to that Hard Drive and all the odd things that happened
have stopped when I removed the New Hard Drive. I checked grub.conf and
fstab and they are normal now. I noticed that google came up funny so
that adds credence to the fact although I planned to boot up the old F7
it didn't work.

    So now it will be a flurry of reboot to see if I can figure out what
happened. I wonder if the file system is ok on the New Hard Drive?

You can get this confusion when you use labels in your grub config
and/or fstab and the disks have more than one partition using the same

This easily happens if you take a disk out of one system and add it to
another with the same distribution on it.

I think that is the problem. But if I remove the OLD HD and put in the NEW HD it will not boot :-(

So some small thing is wrong with the file system on the NEW HD. And that problem was caused by the dd copy.

   I just got 16 more updates :-)


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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