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Re: KDE ssh-agent

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 16:46:28 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:

> Yep, after you scratch your head for half an hour wondering why things
> have broken.  :)

Well, then, what might be broken?  Id the agent provided for something
other than my "convenience"?

> What it is that breaks by having ssh agent started automatically?

My script checks for a preexisting agent, and if it finds one,
it assumes it is one I created and tries to add a key to it.
However, if the system created an agent, other things I put
in place when I create the agent are not there, and I get
a failure report.

I am reminded of the air conditioning in our family cars.  I have a
1999 Camry.  It has an excellent AC system.  When I want more wind,
I turn the fan-speed knob.  Now my wife has a 2003 Camry.  When it
decides I should have more wind, it turns up the fan... I dread the
day I will have to shop for a new car.  If I wanted a system to
transparently decide things like "I should have an ssh-agent", I
would use Microsoft (may we be protected from the evil eye). ;)


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