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RE: Linux suitable motherboard/µprocessor?

I buy everything from newegg.com. Great service, great prices, great selection, great place.... 

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On Friday August 31 2007 12:33:31 pm Bob Goodwin wrote:
> They seem to specialize in "come ons" and a lot of rebates!
> /I should unsubscribe from there mail list I guess.
> Bob Goodwin

I really dislike Tiger Direct. The missives from the Pres are 
particularly obnoxious. The rebate process is a huge pain - I 
bought a monitor once with a huge rebate - the forms we had to 
fill out were tortuous and used non-intuitive language. It took 
over an hour to go throught it all, and I had to get the 
bookeeper involved - 9 weeks later I got a message saying my 
rebate application had been rejected because it didn't meet 
their 'qualifications' - never again will I buy there. There's 
lots of other good stores out there -- when asked, I always 
suggest newegg or mwave these days - 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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