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Re: DD Rules

Jacques B. wrote:
    It didn't seem to make any problem. I was getting emails and sending
them. They were all working normal on this computer and the  destination
copy runs just great.

        Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
Karl, the danger is not with the source so much as it is with the
destination (i.e. copy).  At source dd is just reading.  Any changes
happening at source are happening through normal operating system
behaviour.  To the source dd is simply another process running,
reading data off its drive.  The issue is at destination.  Granted the
important files (system binaries, config files) likely will not change
while simply surfing the net and checking emails.  What will change
are temporary Internet files, browser config files if you happen to
save a password or respond to some other such browser popup, email
INBOX and other such files if you are using a POP email client, and
other such potential changes.  So yes, the system will likely appear
to run fine as the important system files will likely have been copied
over properly given they will not have changed during the process.
But allocated space and free space pointers will change throughout
therefore corrupting the file system. That will eventually manifest
itself in problems that may appear to make no sense.  And of course
numerous files will have been created and/or deleted during the
process causing potential problems (think photocopying of book

The other caveat you do not mention is that this would not necessarily
work well if you were putting the copy into a different system
(different hardware - different drivers required, different
configuration required).

The read between the lines point made by Matthew as I saw it is that
you cannot simply put together a "do this, this and this because I
said so" tutorial for such a potentially destructive process which
requires certain required knowledge to be able to do properly given
you brief instructions.  Not to mention your advice is flawed in many
ways as has already been pointed out.

I'm hanging up my keyboard on this topic after this post.  Far too
many experienced/knowledgeable people have put far too much effort
trying to explain something to you that you consistently choose to
ignore.  Nobody is asking you to get up and say "I am wrong."  It's
not a matter of wrong or right.  It's a matter of saying, "I learned
something I didn't know.  Now I know better."  Nobody is asking you to
abandon your convictions.  Just don't be so stubborn in them when it
is clear that they are misplaced.

Jacques B.

I will not expect you to use those rules. I wrote them for myself and thought others might be interested. I have shown I know what is perfect. I didn't do it in a perfect way. But the copy booted up and works fine. So most of the copy is good.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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