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Re: Problems with Fedora Core 3

Wow, was this email really stuck in a queue for three years? 
"X-Mailer: Lotus Notes Release 6.5 September 26, 2003"

Fedora Core 6 uses alsa for it's audio, fedora core 2/3 uses OSS.  Alsa
and a recent Fedora Core will be far better for your sound needs as it
is A) better, and B) newer/more drivers. 

Unless there is some very very specific reason you need to run an
unsupported fedora release you should never entertain the idea of it.

And yes FC6 will do 64-bit very very well and support most sounds cards
including on-boad.  In fact that is the exact configuration I am using
right now.

On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 14:42 +0530, Dev Anshul wrote:
> Hello, 
>         I've experienced problems in sound card installation with FC
> 3, and I found it to be generally quite unstable - it would not crach,
> but applications such as gthumb running on it would crach
> unexpectedly. This problem was the version that I had downloaded when
> it had just been released. The machine on which I was having these
> problems was a Pentium III 450 MHz. I have since installed Mandriva
> 2006 Linux on the same machine, because I needed multimedia
> functionality on my machine, which this OS provided, since I was able
> to install the sound card. I'm now upgrading to a Pentium Core 2 Duo
> machine with on-board sound and graphics and wanted to check if it
> will be all right to use any Fedora version core 3 and beyond, since
> I've personally experienced problems with FC 3. 
>         I was currently contemplating Fedora Core 2 64-bit for the
> machine that I'm upgrading to, but I also wanted to check if it is all
> right to run a 64-bit Fedora version for a home PC, although the
> vendor says that a Pentium Core 2 Duo would support a 64-bit OS. Will
> Fedora be able to detect on-board sound and graphics support on a
> Pentium Core 2 Duo? There is no separate sound or graphics card, and
> these functionalities are available only on the motherboard, which is
> an OEM Intel Chipset motherboard. 
> Regards, 

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