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Re: The Case of the Missing Characters

On 01Feb2007 20:05, kuiskers <kuiskers telus net> wrote:
| On February 1, 2007, Cameron Simpson wrote:
| > You can set it to offer POP and keep the
| > messages in GMail as well. Then you can set KMail to suck messages from
| > your GMail account just as for your telus account, and reply using your
| > "published" address (whatever you end up deciding to use - probably not
| > your ISP, since that may change).
| I have never used the pop forwarding (whatever it's called) that gmail, yahoo 
| and msn offer.
| Is there a risk that I could get a lot of spam into my provider account if I 
| tell them my email address?

You don't forward to your provider. You pull directly to your home linux
box's mail spool using getmail or fetchmail, or directly to your KMail by
setting up entries for the various POP services you'll have (hotmail,

| I don't want google to know about my provider, because I suspect that by 
| telling them too much, they will be able to determine my true identity 

Indeed. You don't forward from hotmail/etc, you _pull_ directly from
hotmail from your home machine.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Stay the patient course
Of little worth is your ire
The network is down
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