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Re: [Fedora] Re: Remote VNC install

Mail List wrote:
   What happened for me - I booted the installer out of grub with
   kernel ... vnc vncconnect=<ip> ip=dhcp lang=en_US keymap=us device=ethX

it boots and anaconda prompts for other eth device info before starting up vnc - so I had to type at console to tell it info about the other nics - after that it talks the listening vnc client at remote end -
Grrrrr... Okay, is there a parameter that tells it to IGNORE eth0 and eth2, as in don't even bother to probe. I don't care if it ignores them throughout the entire installation process, I can configure them after the system comes back up.

By the way, I noticed you didn't specify a module for your ethernet device...or maybe you just didn't include it. Can I assume it will magically load up the e100 module that these cards need?

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